Inauguration of the Mary Tepper Auditorium. Betania 2016

Betania 2016

Inauguration of the Mary Tepper Auditorium. Betania 2016

Inauguration of the Mary Tepper Auditorium. Betania 2016

This year’s A.E.M.C. Camp, also known as “Betania” took place in Ciudad Real (26-28th August 2016) at the newly remodeled Betania Retreat Center. Improvements to the Betania retreat center include a new summer auditorium with capacity for over 2,000 people as well as an acclimatized indoor auditorium that seats 300.

The dining hall has been expanded to hold 350 people and a new wing of dorms has been added with more showers and bathrooms, with access for the physically disabled.  A new swimming pool for children has been added as well.

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30th Anniversary Video

This short video sums up the work of Betel over the past 30 years.  Interviews with the founders of Betel including Elliott Tepper, Lindsay and Myk Mckenzie, Keith and Lolita Bergmeier and Paul Johansen help to tell the story of Betel's humble beginnings in the streets of San Blas (Madrid, Spain) and the expansion of this outreach into the rest of the world.

Betel 30th Anniversary

Betel celebrates 30th Anniversary

How Betel Began

Betel began in the San Blas neighborhood of Madrid thirty years ago when a few missionaries from WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) began to show compassion for the neediest people in society. In the 1980’s Elliott Tepper y Lindsay Mckenzie opened up their homes to the growing population of drug addicts in post Franco Spain, offering them a place to become free from their addictions and a new hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The key verse for this event was Psalm 2:8

“Ask of Me, and I will give You
The nations for Your inheritance,
And the ends of the earth for Your possession.”

Reprepresentatives from almos all the Betel centers in the world came to the event and the speakers included the founders, Elliott Tepper, Lindsay Mckenzie, Keith Bergmeier and Kent Martin along with Ernesto Alonso from Amistad Cristiana (Mexico) and Mike Cavanaugh from Elim Bible Institute (USA). The mission of Betel is to care for people at risk of social exclusion, offering them a residential program free of cost.

Betel’s Values

  • Inspired in traditional Christianity
  • We defend the value of life and personal dignity
  • We consider the family to be the fundamental institution of society
  • We believe in offering hospitality with dedication and passion
  • We value  transparency, eficiency and good stewardship of our resources

Currently Betel exists in 25 countries and more than 100 cities worldwide, having offered assistance to more than 200,000 people.

Betel's 30th Anniversary Poster

Betel’s 30th Anniversary Poster

Betel receives Medal of Honor

Betel receives Medal of Honor

October 31st 2015.  Betel Spain was given the Medal of Honor this year from the Evangelical Council of Madrid.  The Council gave this honor to Betel to show gratitude and recognition for the services that Betel offers to the Evangelical community in Madrid as well as the public and needy people in particular.

Betel works to help people in need and at risk of social exclusion with a residential rehab program. With more than 30 years of experience, Betel currently runs 60 centers in 23 Spanish provinces as well as 25 countries around the world.  Since it’s creation Betel has helped over 200,000 people.

Elliott Tepper’s, “The Cost of the Kingdom”

Why men and women throughout the ages have left all to follow Christ


cost of the kingdomWhat is the most read love poem in world literature?  One cannot be certain, but more than likely the Song of Solomon has been read and reread by countless millions of Jews and Christians for almost three millennia.  The Song of Solomon or the Song of Songs, for me, is a refuge.  I go there when I grow cold and have lost my way.  It is there that I often rediscover the ancient path that leads back into the presence of God.

It is there that my dry husks of religion are changed into the banqueting house of His Kingdom.
As I read and reread familiar passages, meditating on the words of Solomon and the Shulammite professing their love for one another, God always permits me to rediscover His presence.  And there He surprises me with his intimate loving kindness, while I marvel how I or anyone else could ever forget God's love and the reality of His Kingdom.  It is there I discover what the Kingdom of God is about and why men and women throughout the ages have left all to follow Christ.