Our Program

Drug Free And Free Of Charge

Betel is a social work dedicated to restoring substance dependent and marginalized people to productive and independent lifestyles. Our residences are drug and alcohol free as well as free of charge. We offer the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek help.

Our objective is to bring every person to the power of Jesus Christ and the benefits of his love, and to do so without prejudice against, or in favor of, any religion, race, sex or collective group in society. Betel, as a Christian association, places emphasis on the restoration of the personality through the Gospel.

How Long Do Residents Stay?

Betel encourages an open door policy: easy entrance and easy exit. From the beginning of our history we decided to minister only with the highest integrity of love and without manipulation. Consequently, all those who enter our communities do so voluntarily, and retain the right to leave whenever they please. As a guideline, we suggest residents plan to join us for at least one year, though there is no time limit placed on anyone’s stay.

A Holistic Program That Affects the Whole Person And Society

We labor to restore completely the individual’s personality: his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Therefore we endeavor to inspire an inner sense of moral rectitude while ministering to the individual’s physical and emotional needs.

In the past two decades, most people who have entered Betel have had a severe drug or alcohol problem, but in recent years we have received many individuals who are homeless or displaced. Consequently we have opened our doors to the growing wave of economic and political refugees from Eastern Europe who have entered the West in search of a better life, but are often snared in the underworld of substance abuse and prostitution before they find meaningful employment and the new life they seek in the West.

We are changing whole neighborhoods, one life at a time. We have worked to not only reduce homelessness, drug addiction, violence, delinquency, and the civil insecurity associated with the disintegration of society but also to restore whole families. We actively encourage the families to be involved in the restoration process of their children. Family members are invited to participate in our Wednesday, Friday and Sunday open meetings.
We believe that if we can make one man whole, he will contribute to making a family whole; and each family made whole is a step towards leading a neighborhood, a city and a nation towards wholeness.

Gardening Team (Betel Nottingham)

Street team at the gypsy camp in Madrid, Spain.