Betel Books

Profile of a Peculiar People

A Profile of a Peculiar People

By Elliott Tepper

This 45 page book gives ten distinctives of Betel and helps the reader to understand what Betel is all about.  

cost of the kingdom

The Cost of the Kingdom

By Elliott Tepper

"The Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field" (Matthew 13:44).  Elliott writes, "I believe that the only reasonable response to Jesus' demand, if one has tasted the mystery of the King and His Kingdom, is to pay Him His price and purchase the treasure in the field." Any sacrifices made pale into insignificance in the light of Christ's sacrifice for us.


We Dance Because We Can Not Fly

By Guy Chevreau

Light has shone into the black holes of humanity. Decades of drug addiction; horrific abuse; multiple suicide attempts; gangster violence; prison; prostitution; homelessness...Yet, through the power of God's love, an association of churches known as Betel, has helped thousands of desperate heroin addicts to be set free from their downwardly spiralling existence and experience freedom in Christ. There is hope for all of us. Humberto Fernandez, in his book "Heroin" said, "Our perception of addiction as an incurable disease has not changed much. In 1930, Sirovich stated: "Medical science is almost powerless to redeem these unfortunates." Today, we say treatment can work, but the fact is it works for relatively few...One wonders what Fernandez might have written if he had been to Betel.


Sacking the Frontiers of Hell

By Stewart & Marie Dinnen

The amazing success story of Christian Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation Centers around the World.


Rescue Shop Within a Yard of Hell

By Stewart & Marie Dinnen

This book tells of the amazing transformation in the lives of drug addicts in post-Christian Spain who have been discarded by society, their families and themselves. From the rescue of one addict, an exciting movement developed that brought many broken people to Christ, 'ransomed, healed, restored and forgiven'. A companion book by the same authors, 'Sacking the Frontiers of Hell', continues the heart warming story.