Restoring broken lives

Betel offers a free residential program for those struggling with addiction, social exclusión and homelessness

How can Betel help me to break free from addiction?

Betel residents work through problems in an environment based on two simple and time honored principles: peer support, where residents help one another in a family-like atmosphere, and meaningful work, which helps to build job skills, diligence and dependability.

Drug/Alcohol free and free of charge

Residents help to fund their own recovery by participating in occupational activities at home or at one of our charitable businesses. This removes the financial burden from their families and the government while restoring self-dignity and a sense of purpose.

Our method is to model freedom

Betel's program is a commitment to daily choice - to aspire to the values and pursuits of a healthier lifestyle as modeled by mature Christians. Residents learn character building principles. They live them out at home and at work, building strong foundations for a stable future.

Betel Worldwide

Today Betel is in more than 100 cities in 19 nations

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Radical Financial Principles

We believe that entrance should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means. We charge no fees. Instead we aim to be as self-supporting as possible, funding daily operations through our charitable businesses and workshops. We gratefully receive donations of food, furniture, goods, vehicles etc.

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