Betel is a non-profit Christian Community for men, women and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. Through work, well-being and worship, we restore broken lives. Today its program and communities can be found in over 100 urban areas in 22 nations.  While each Betel community has developed its own identity and personal approach in applying the Betel program to the needs of their people, Betel worldwide embraces the same principles and shares a common ethos.

Everything in my life took a turn for the worse when I was 11 years old. My father left home, and soon after I began experimenting with alcohol and sniffing solvents. Five years later I moved on to cannabis, ecstasy and speed. I was never really addicted to any substance until the moment I took heroin. It hooked me straight away. My addiction got to the point where I couldn't even eat without a 'hit'. Eventually, there was no more high... | Read More |

How You Can Help

Betel needs your help to transform lives. Whether donating furniture, money or your time, your generosity will help us restore many more broken lives.

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