Our Values

Betel’s ethos is founded in historic, mainstream Christianity. Thus, we put our emphasis in the restoration of personality that is found in the Everlasting Gospel. We believe that we are following in 2,000 years of Christian tradition and practice where the Christian Community has been a leader in providing charitable services that bring healing and enrichment to society.

We also work closely and in tandem with many secular, governmental and private charities and institutions who provide similar or related services. We receive referrals of residents from a number of different agencies including: homeless hostels, Probation Services and courts, local communities, the Police, other voluntary drugs and alcohol projects, and churches and religious organizations.

Betel belongs and relates to various Christian alliances in most of the countries where we labor. As Betel was founded by WEC missionaries it remains fraternally related to the WEC International missionary society. Betel is also a founding member of the ISAAC (the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition).

We also receive added assistance from such respected secular organizations as the Bournville Village Trust, Aston Reinvestment Trust, The Charities Aid foundation, The TRIODOS Bank, Proyecto Trust, The Frist Fruits Foundation, and many other institutions. We have also signed agreements of collaboration with various local, regional, and state governmental institutions.