Annual Report 2021-22

2021-22 Annual Report

Greetings from the Betel family from around the world. Certainly, without exaggeration, theses last two years of the Covid pandemic have put much stress upon the Betel ministries, programs, residents, staff and resources. As a Christian charity, it is a joy to give thanks to God, to our friends and supporters, and to all the many levels of government in the nations where Betel maintains our residential communities and multifaceted programs for their practical and timely help.

I believe as you read through the following pages you will see that the last two years of the Covid pandemic have not only tested Betel’s model, but also strengthened and affirmed all that is essential in Betel: Our Christian ethos, our social-medical model and our goal of providing a free program to all who wish to enter.

As you read through the pages of this year’s Annual Report we invite you to share with us our celebration of Betel of Britain’s 25th Anniversary. Without a doubt our British leaders, their staff, and community members have created, maintained, and are an expression of what Betel has striven to achieve over the last three decades of service among the nations. We believe that just as God is able to transform broken lives into healthy and happy individuals, he can transform groups of individuals into powerful entities for doing good. Read with wonder and celebrate with us Betel of Britain’s first quarter century of service. Their new national headquarters in Birmingham is a multidimensional wonder. 

Again, please enjoy the following pages and stories of the lives radically changed by God.