Annual Report 2023

Healing, Restoration and Change

Letter from the Director


Dear Friends,

Once again on behalf of the Betel family of Churches, ministries, communities, rehab programs and social initiatives, it is a pleasure and honor to present a visual and factual presentation of Betel’s activities among the nations.

To say that we are living in ‘trying times’ is an understatement. Betel, along with other public and private institutions, has been confronted and surrounded by challenges this last year. We believe that in the pages of our Annual Report you will see that Betel has ministered light and grace to a multitude of individuals and families. 

 We would like to thank our friends and supporters for all the practical and personal help and encouragement that Betel has received. Your support has been essential. If the truth be known, all our supporters are indeed a very important part of Betel’s story.

Beyond Betel’s historic role as one of the principle Christian Rehab ministries offering residential care to substance abusers, we have been able to extend our program, facilities and aid to the large and growing numbers of marginalized immigrants arriving in Europe today. We believe that this new added dimension in Betel’s ministry will only increase in the future.

As you read our Annual Report, it is our hope that you will see in the faces and activities of the men and women, the essence of what makes Betel an effective entity for healing, restoration and change in the troubling day in which we live.


Elliott Tepper
Director of Betel International