Solor panels

Solar Energy in Betel Madrid

This January Betel Spain launched a solar energy project to improve the electricity supply for Betel residences.  Many of Betel’s rural properties need their own generators to provide electricity, at least during certain times of day. With the dropping prices […]

At the Turning of the Tides (Con el Cambio de la Marea)

New poetry book by Elliott Tepper

Betel founder and international director Elliott Tepper has released a new poetry book in English and Spanish called At the Turning of the Tides / Con el Cambio de la Marea, translated by Spanish author Cesar Vidal who also wrote […]

Betel Women's Residence in Torrelodones, Madrid

Authorization for Women’s Residence in Torrelodones

On Tuesday July 18th Betel received Authorization for a Women’s Residence in Torrelodones, from the Comunidad de Madrid government. The residence includes 19 beds (including one space for reduced mobility).  Fifteen of the beds are designated for adult women and 4 […]

Betania Inauguration Auditorium

Betania 2017

This year’s A.E.M.C. Camp, also known as “Betania” will take place the first weekend of Sepetember (1st 2nd and 3rd) in the newly remodeled Betania Retreat Center.Improvements to the retreat center include a new summer auditorium with capacity for over 2,000 people […]

Betel Anniversary Video

30th Anniversary Video

This short video sums up the work of Betel over the past 30 years.  Interviews with the founders of Betel including Elliott Tepper, Lindsay and Myk Mckenzie, Keith and Lolita Bergmeier and Paul Johansen help to tell the story of […]

30th Anniversary Betel

Betel celebrates 30th Anniversary

Betel began in the San Blas neighborhood of Madrid thirty years ago when a few missionaries from WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) began to show compassion for the neediest people in society. In the 1980’s Elliott Tepper y Lindsay Mckenzie opened up their […]

Medal of Honor

Betel receives Medal of Honor

October 31st 2015.  Betel Spain was given the Medal of Honor this year from the Evangelical Council of Madrid.  The Council gave this honor to Betel to show gratitude and recognition for the services that Betel offers to the Evangelical […]

Cost of the Kingdom

Elliott Tepper’s, “The Cost of the Kingdom”

 What is the most read love poem in world literature?  One cannot be certain, but more than likely the Song of Solomon has been read and reread by countless millions of Jews and Christians for almost three millennia.  The Song […]