New poetry book by Elliott Tepper

Betel founder and international director Elliott Tepper has released a new poetry book in English and Spanish called At the Turning of the Tides / Con el Cambio de la Marea, translated by Spanish author Cesar Vidal who also wrote the foreword for the book.

An excerpt from Vidal's foreword states,"He speaks with delicate beauty and his themes are birthed in the depth of human nature. His verses echo, among other influences, Tolkien, Homer and C.S. Lewis, the poetic Eddas, testimonies of the Holocaust, the European migration to the United States, the Gospels and the Book of Revelation. In his depictions he takes us to zenithal moments of the history of Mankind. Elliott also manages to address relevant and thought provoking topics such as the purpose of life and patience, the use of language and the intervention of God throughout history, the weight of geography and development over the centuries - and above all, the possibility of turning towards the Almighty and the work of His Son."

Charlie Cleverly of St. Aldates church writes,"Elliot Tepper is a renaissance man. As well as being a leader whose work among the poor has changed the lives of thousands, he is also a poet. His deep experience of life, his fine understanding of world literature, and his careful thought all contribute to make this a collection of poems which speaks to our hearts."

The book is available for purchase on the Betel website and will soon be available on Amazon, along with an audio version read by Tepper himself.