Solar Energy in Betel Madrid

This January Betel Spain launched a solar energy project to improve the electricity supply for Betel residences.  Many of Betel's rural properties need their own generators to provide electricity, at least during certain times of day. With the dropping prices prices of photovoltaic technology, Betel has been able implement this mixed energy project with financing from Triodos bank.  When the sun is shining brightly enough, the house receives electricity from the solar panels.  When there is not enough sun, the generator automatically kicks in, providing energy at critical moments.

The first pilot project has been installed at the Betel residence known as “El Gurugú” (Alcala de Henares, Madrid). This mixed photovoltaic system allows the men's residence to have electricity 24 hours a day.  Plans for the future include bringing this system to the rest of Betel's rural residences so that costs for electricity and maintenance can go down while the men and women of Betel enjoy a better quality of life during their stay at Betel.

Solar paneles in Betel Residence outside of Madrid

Solar paneles in a Betel Residence outside of Madrid

Batteries for photovoltaic energy at Betel residence "El Gururu"